Family Reunion Ideas + Wedding Creative

Family reunion ideas are hard to find. Good, hassle-free family reunion ideas are even rarer.

Ruby Brewer-Watkins is a graduate from the Culinary Arts Program in the State of Pennsylvania. Has worked professionally in multiple roles in the Hospitality Industry as a Chef, Food & Beverage Administrative, Corporate Event Sales & Wedding Planner at Boutique and Business Class Hotels in Naples Florida, Cleveland Ohio, Atlanta Georgia and now in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As an event planner, Ruby passionately collaborates with wedding hosts and family reunion organizers in maintaining their motivation, inspiration, style and vision. Hiring a professional to style, plan and coordinate your event is a smart and creative move, but you also need a partner. Having a creative partner to collaborate with you throughout the lengthy and time consuming process of planning a family reunion and a wedding allows for you to embrace the journey, enjoy the process and be inspired to successfully and beautifully achieve an event you envisioned from the very beginning.  

Here's what others have asked:

What kind of services do you offer?

  • Family Reunion Ideas & Planning (Workshops, Products & Resources, Etsy)

  • Wedding & Event Branding (Event Graphics, Logo, Website Design)

  • Wedding Day Papers (Stationery)

  • Greeting Cards & Gifts

  • Floral Design

  • Event Coordinating (Logistics, Timeline, Production)

Who do you work with?

  • Wedding Couples

  • Family Reunion Organizers

  • I’ll also work and collaborate with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to blaze a trail, I call those Movers & Shakers

Can you help me plan my upcoming wedding?

Yes, however I only take on a limited number of brides each year for full service wedding planning. Shoot me a message and let’s see if we can work together. I work with brides locally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania surrounding areas as well as worldwide.

I need other design materials such as fliers, promotional items, signage, fliers, can you help me?

Yes, absolutely. I thrive on creating new material. Just send me details of what you're looking for and I will create a custom quote.

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