Family Reunion Committee: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Family Reunion Planning Committee

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If you find yourself questioning the thought as to whether or not you need an organizing committee for your upcoming family reunion (whether big or small), then you’ve landed in the right place. The most successful and most impactful events are rarely ones that were planned by a lone star.

For an event such as a family reunions, it’s usually one person who would take the lead and push the idea to have a family reunion and also the one who rides the wave by themselves for a small period of time before they realize it may be a good idea to get some people involved or make a few phone calls. And you totally should. The old saying goes, that it truly “takes a village”.

To have people in your corner that would have the same vision, belief and goal makes all the difference in the world. Whether your committee is formed from one family branch or committees built from different branches, here are 7 reasons why you need to have a family reunion planning committee.

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1. Boost Attendance Levels

When you involve relatives into the planning process, they have a personal stake in the overall success of the reunion, including their very own attendance. Not to mention their own personal connection with family members that you may have not communicated with or may be apart of another branch. If you have the committee set to be there, there will certainly be a few others along with them which helps boost attendee levels.

2. Nearly Impossible to Do On Your Own

While nothing is “impossible” what are you willing to trade? Family reunion planning is stressful. So I would never recommend anyone to at it alone. Even if you had the capability to do everything, which you most likely don’t, there’s also this huge variety of skill sets (negotiating, follow up, logistics, creativity, thickskin to name a few) and an immense amount of time required. Two or more heads in the planning process will always be better than one and makes all the difference. We simply can’t be in multiple places at once during the planning process and the actual day of the events. If you have family on the committee who you think wouldn’t be a good asset, think again. We all have gifts. If you feel the need to - then re-assign some of committee members’ tasks – depending on where their talents and skills lie so it’s a win win situation for all.

3. Problem Solving

Having a committee also helps with solving problems. Each family member, whether you chose to have them to be apart of the committee or not has unique perspective to the reunion planning and the needs of others that can be attractive (and helpful) to a variety of family members of all ages not to mention help to find creative solutions of the different age groups. What works for a few people in the family may not work for most.

4. Money

Everything that you do, test, trial, or permanent when it comes to the reunion will cost you money and time (which is more valuable then anything). When you are on your own for the planning, it will cost you dearly. When you have a committee, it lightens the load considerably, not mention the creative solutions to source the means of the “green”. The most successful reunions comes from committees who pay dues, even at minimum of $10-$20 each a month. If you have a committee of 8 and you’re paying dues for the next 12-18 months this adds up to nice “pot” of change to help with your planning. Other sources are your in-kind donations, reunion registration fees, and reunion admission pricing. All of which you need a committee and most likely a treasurer for this to run smoothly.

5. Accountability and Motivation

There are going to be a number of times where you will be tested and you ask yourself - “why am I doing this?” Well you know the reason why, and unfortunately, not every single thing and person will always make you feel appreciated for your efforts. For those many times you feel like giving in and giving up, it doesn’t happen so fast if at all when you have a committee. Everyone is in this together.

6. Communicate & Share

Communicating and sharing family reunion information goes without saying, and is much needed beyond anything else. You’re going to do have to do more than a post in your family reunion Facebook group letting everyone know that a family reunion is going down. You need mailers, postcards, text messages, newsletters, email addresses, and lastly, but certainly not least - you have to pick up the phone. Hopefully you’re a phone person. All of this I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do on their own, let everyone each take one of these tasks and see the difference!

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7. Getting to know family

This is the most rewarding and where you get the most out of your “family reunion”, it’s usually not the day, but the process of planning. If there is any other time where you would learn about your family, their whereabouts and it’s roots, it’s on the committee. Family you didn’t know about, and family you thought you knew. As part of the organizing committee you get to know distant family on a personal level and connect with family for the first time, this is a true blessing and this is what bringing family together is all about.

So, now you know at least 7 reasons you need an organizing committee, hopefully you’ve thought of few talented family members who would be instrumental in the process. Once you have everyone together, schedule a meeting or a conference call to get the ball rolling. I hope that you’ve found this helpful for more easy tips make sure you join other family reunions and get the most helpful tips on hosting the best planned family reunions.