Family Reunion Facebook Group: Easy Post Ideas You Can Create to Skyrocket Your Registration

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Have you ever tried to posting on your family reunion Facebook page to promote your family reunion? If so, you’re probably familiar with some level of uncertainty as after you post, you probably haven’t gotten that immediate interaction you were hoping for - which are the dash for registrations, RSVP’s or even donations would be nice. Silence and crickets after a Facebook post regarding registration for your upcoming family reunion can put an immediate concern into place. You’ve signed contracts, you’ve made commitments with vendors, venues, and you’ve invested your time. The last thing you want is for people to ignore an event that’s happening.

So what should you do? Many family reunions have found success by promoting upcoming family reunions using Facebook groups. Social media has made the top of the list followed by official family reunion letters and invitations to spread the word that a family reunion is on the books.  But there are a few things you should keep in mind as you roll out those fancy details to ensure you get the engagement and the registrations you’re looking for. In this post, I will be sharing with you some insight to help your reunion and 10 ideas to post in your Facebook group to help promote your family reunion.

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If you're looking for creative posts to share in your Family Facebook Group that are relative to your upcoming family reunion, the best approach is to first ensure your Family Facebook group is just that - a Family Facebook group. Not a group composed of all things family reunion where the group page itself is named “ reunion” and you’re promoting to the same number of members.

You want to create longevity and build a continuing legacy. Facebook offers a great platform for this purpose. The whole point of a creating a group is to interact, share thoughts, memories and get to know each other, and guess what - find more family and introduce them to everyone.

There may be a great percentage (depending on how large your group is) of family who may not have never met. So if the topics and posts are happy and healthy mixed with these interacting posts, one can only wonder what the family reunion would entail.

It is recommended that 1 out of 10 social media posts should be related to your upcoming events, hence the reunion, registrations, sales, deadlines. So in between those pertinent reunion information postings, here are 10 other posts and lots of patience to get your creative thoughts flowing to ensure you receive the engagement & activity you’re looking for which will in turn get you the boost you need to drive your family reunion.

Post 1: Welcome New Family Members to the group

There is nothing like feeling welcomed when you arrive to someone’s home or welcome them to a community. Share some fun facts, skills, or talent about the family member and how they are related in the family tree and encourage family to visit the family reunion website to review the family tree, yes the same website where that lovely family reunion information is planted. (you’re welcome).

This is a great opportunity for family reunion committee members to challenge themselves to find more family to add to the group. After all, it is a family reunion happening, and quite a few would be happy to know about it, and glad to be in the group whether they attend or not. Include a quick questionnaire for family members to fill out prior to being approved to add to the group which would be helpful when introducing them to the family. The bigger the family group, the better.

To really pick up some interaction from the family group, try to grow your Family Facebook group to at least 200 members or more. I know it sounds massive. But it can be done. These are one of the greatest rewards one may experience when planning a reunion, finding family members you didn’t know about that I talk about in my previous blog post.

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2: Ask Family to Describe your best family reunion memory..

There is nothing that gets family going once they start sharing memories - this is great topic and allows the family members to think about reunions visiting the family website for more information.

3. Who is your family hero and why in one sentence…

Everyone has a hero and complimenting each other is the best medicine. Give flowers to people while they can still smell them, even through words. Giving family one sentence to describe their family hero can be tough, but for their hero (whomever that is) some individuals would be up to challenge.

4. Describe three words that feels like to summer to you

Family will have fun posting their thoughts on the most popular season of the year. Responses will come in such as music lyrics, family reunions, 4th of July, food to flip flops - those jellies :-). Summer is a favorite holiday amongst most family, and if you’re posting this question during the winter months there is nothing like having this question to have their mind wander off to somewhere warm. Be the first to comment and the rest will follow.

5. Thankful Thursday, what are you thankful for?

Making each Thursday “Thankful Thursday”  a simple way to give family members a specific time of the week to actually reflect and highlight all of the positive moments  people have come to interact with within the past seven days. It’s fulfilling and important to notice the little things in our lives that we do not always appreciate.

6. Share Your Favorite App on Your Phone
This will get the younger generation involved (what you most certainly need!), and this brings the older generation up to speed. You never know what apps may be useful, and there is nothing like our young cousins to tell us all about them.

7. Appreciate & Just Say Thank You
A post of flowers or something bright to just say thank you to all FB Family Members who have joined the community - You wouldn’t be a community of family without any of the members in the group.

8. Name one thing you should probably throw away but just can’t
People like to talk about their biz for some reason on social media - no brainer, place this topic here and have your moderator ready on hand to keep it light.

9. Weather Post - Where is everyone? Post your local weather temp in the comments Nothing gets a conversation going like the weather. There’s weather everywhere, and it affects everyone. Discussing the weather is the first segue into bonding, and it may seem crazy, but it’s true. Studies have shown that weather is the safest topic of discussion.  If the weather is lovely we tend to have a better more positive outlook on the day and life in general - so we’ll share it if you ask. Post a sunny or snowy graphic up and ask for local temps and watch the comments grow :-).

10. Happy Birthday or Anniversary Post
These posts will keep your news feed going forever and nearly daily! Wishing family members a happy birthday, or celebrating anniversaries of family members will most certainly create some engagement, People love to see positive posts, and news about themselves posted by others. Additionally uploading a nice photo of them on your family reunion website will also bring family to that coveted website where your family reunion details are planted (you’re welcome again).

11. (Bonus!) Promote Family Business
I can guarantee that there are a small handful of business owners or budding entrepreneurs in your family. What better platform to promote and be proud than in your family Facebook group? Create a day of the week, maybe on a Friday and acknowledge the small business owners in the family and have them post about their business in the comments (tastefully!). This may also give you some ideas on promoting and sponsorship opportunities to assist in fundraising.

Now that you know 10 ideas to post in your family Facebook group, you're ready to engage and post..One of the best feelings in the world as a family reunion organizer is to see your online registration spike - or continue to grow well before (I’m talking months) before your family reunion because of healthy promotions and engaged family on Facebook, and that is what will truly drive one to want to attend a family reunion

If this post was helpful and you’re ready to make a post, I have some free Facebook image posts to help you get started in my free cheat sheet, which you can download below:

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What will you implement and post today your family facebook group?

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